Aug 18

Piano Scales fingering – How to Play The Piano (Online Beginner Piano Lessons – Piano Technique)

To watch the full piano tutorial go to This piano lesson is about Practicing Piano Scales fingering and technique. it will teach you the fingersetings of scales in four steps. 1. The Right Hand 2. The Left Hand 3. Counter Movement 4. Parallel Movement

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Jul 01

How To Read Sheet Music – Piano Theory Lessons . Sign up for the secret-lessons at . Learn how to read sheet music on the piano in this piano lesson with Nate Bosch! Learning how to read sheet music for the piano is a great skill to have if you are learning a song that you have never heard or played before! . For More Resources Check Out –

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Jun 28

Piano Lessons — Part 2 (Cool School)

Sing along with Ron Gets It Wrong as he goes over the music scale in today’s episode of Ron Gets it Wrong! Will Ron be able to finish the lesson before Professor Skience finds out Ron used his shrink ray? Subscribe for more Cool Skool! Learn and play with a cast of crazy teachers and funny cartoons. Dive into a book with Miss Booksy. Solve some math and science problems with Professor Skience and his ridiculous animal friends! And help Ron Gets it Wrong get it right! All this and more! Welcome to Cool Skool! The Cool Skool is a safe video network for kids. The School host aspirational, educational, and informational videos for kids. TAGS: “do re mi” “musical scales” “music scale” “teach scales” teaching “how to do scales” “piano scales” “playing piano” “kids piano lesson” “piano for kids” “the cool skool” “cool skool” “music teacher” “kids songs” “kids music” “kidz bop” “radio disney” singalong “make math fun” fun education “kids games” “games for kids” “kid friendly entertainment” educational “animation funny” “videos for kids”

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May 07

How to Play Piano | Hallelujah from Shrek – Lesson 5

Beginner Piano Lessons | Learn to Play Piano Without Music Lesson 5 of 10. I’ll be releasing a series of 10 videos that will teach you how to play the piano without sheet music. I’ll cover all the basics you need to know in order to play all your favorite Top Hits on the piano. In this piano lesson, we’ll be covering Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright. This lesson combines what you’ve learned in the previous 4 lessons. If you can make it through this lesson, then you’re well on your way. At first these lessons will appear really basic, but each lesson will begin to build on top of one another. Before you know it, you’ll be busting out your favorite songs in no time. For more detailed lesson plans, please visit and subscribe! Enjoy!

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