Aug 30

Become a Piano Guys Founder and get our Limited Edition Piano Guys Album (YouTube Hits Vol. 1) here: Support us by downloading this song at one of the following links: Our site (Limited Edition) – iTunes – Sheet Music available here: Follow ThePianoGuys here: Facebook Twitter: Be sure to watch for the bow throw around 2:35! Every sound you hear was created by Steve playing his acoustic cellos (with one exception — a subtle “hi-hat” noise made by his voice). The Cello Song is based on one of the most recognizable classical pieces ever written, JS Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1: Prelude. (Hint: Say Bach’s title with an English accent and it sounds a lot better). It’s been featured in a lot of movies (and car commercials)…Steven Sharp Nelson decided that this piece needed some accompaniment (Bach must have been busy and never got around to it? :) Adding some original material and 7 more cello parts stacked on top of each other, Steve has created a cool new sound that embellishes all the features that have made Bach’s work so popular. The 7 new parts include drawn-out melodies which soar above fast arpeggios, strumming chords from a guitar-like part, shaker sounds (accomplished by rubbing the sides of the cello), tremolo (1:08-1:24), and a cello-banging percussion part (complete with kick drum). “Bach was an amazing composer — one of the best

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23 Responses to “The Cello Song – (Bach is back with 7 more cellos) – ThePianoGuys”

  1. 1. andreeaerium Says:

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome !!!!!! <3

  2. 2. cheatzgs1 Says:

    And Bach apparently has 576 youtube accounts… He’s gotta have more then that…

  3. 3. jpvamerican Says:

    That is awesome…the only thing you are missing now is a ballet dancer dancing

  4. 4. naysuperstar Says:


  5. 5. OrigamiMan411 Says:


  6. 6. MusikLuver147 Says:

    2:40 …. The best part of the whole song

  7. 7. LindzeeKeem Says:

    1:30 Patting cello’s back :3

  8. 8. dannthr Says:

    2:34 bow throw — best part.

  9. 9. Felekin Says:

    Thumbs up if you watched Hyouka and you recognise this :)

  10. 10. YarethandSheilaShow Says:

    wow!….thats all i can say

  11. 11. etmiller87 Says:

    absolutely amazing!

  12. 12. BlackRose8971 Says:

    I’m sure Bach appreciates this. It is beautiful

  13. 13. Esterekalnina Says:

    575 people have no taste in music or are just deaf

  14. 14. adrianluca42 Says:

    take a look at the passion of the player and the pleasure of this song

  15. 15. MrVevo73 Says:

    what is the music’s name i forgot

  16. 16. Mirku98 Says:

    Is that the same guy on 8 cellos? ‘Cause I thought that he had like a twin brother.

  17. 17. TheWOWNinga Says:

    er, new, kinda… it’s a franz hoffmann, you can search the internet it should pop up

  18. 18. TheWOWNinga Says:

    truly agree :>

  19. 19. eleftherispsixis2 Says:

    Cello has been described as the closest sounding instrument to the male human voice…!It is all about it!Truly beautiful cover Piano Guys!Keep up the great work!

  20. 20. Steve Wilson Says:

    what?!? is it a used model, or a new one? and if new, what brand? i would KILL to have one!!

  21. 21. MrOrangeIsTheCop Says:

    i played this cello suite last year (my sophomore year of high school) on marimba because I thought it was amazing. what you did with this blew my mind. I just watched it three times, will probably listen to it again, and then will be off to the interwebs to find and purchase a cello

  22. 22. PenguinFruit Says:


  23. 23. immortalhypnosis Says:

    i have watched this too many times and i still am in ahh but i still laugh when he tosses the bow to him self lol

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