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Sign up for FREE piano lessons at: www.PianoLessons.com . Learn how to play and create chord progressions on the piano in this piano lesson. Playing chord progressions on the piano is easy with this piano lesson! . For More Resources Check Out – www.pianolessons.com

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25 Responses

  1. willl0014 says:

    Charlee Sheen Shirt!!!

  2. FadedSTEELERSfan says:

    @Ronaldinho0927 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMFAO wait let me go back 1 ,1,1,1,

  3. Ronaldinho0927 says:

    I laughed so hard at 3:35 lmao

  4. HelenJung1 says:

    Would it be okay if I skip this? You know..this is too complicated for a beginner like me :(

  5. Midimania100 says:

    Well if you follow along this is an excellent lesson =)

  6. serg2189 says:

    Your awesome!

  7. effnpee says:

    Only one word can describe you truly, and that word is ‘Awesome’ I’ll be on your site everyday to learn and to put this knowledge in practice.
    Kindest regards

    Paddy Landreville

  8. mermaidmelodylilnike says:

    ur loosing me when u was playing the melody…..please take it slower :)

  9. Mankemacho says:

    Major, 4 semitones first then 3 and minor 3 semitones first then 4. Example C major CEG, C minor CD#G. That’s how I learned it.

  10. opiansage says:

    @rjslade completley agreed, you cant run before you walk, using the simple triadic position of 1-3-5 and moving from then into different inversions or fingerings would be the best way to go, this guy is a tosser

  11. kolakube123 says:

    Thanks for taking the time for creating and uploading this.

    Id say this is intermediate though and certainly not for a beginner.

    Why do you use two hands to play one triad?  I can’t keep track of all your fingers.

  12. APU913 says:

    @Zombiedevice you need to know a little bit of music theory to start. i mean he can’t give u everything, pick up a book and read.

  13. JayrocAlmighty says:

    @TheToken420247 That’s a great explanation. I’m a beginning pianist but have played trumpet for several years. Learning the scales, although boring, is the easiest way to learn.

  14. pianomanbryan174 says:

    i love it but u confused me ALOT

  15. daarlinglovelyy says:

    Wooow o.0

  16. BadzZb96 says:

    good teacher..!!^^

  17. markgray1109 says:

    Thats a suspended note but thats for another time haha

  18. MarqLouieIVI says:

    If some one told him about FL Studio he’d be making some hard beats!

  19. McMingDynasty says:

    not the best of lessons but great for my level, just what i needed thx!

  20. Lester046 says:

    @qaqa003 me too

  21. julymaeandaloc says:

    Want to share cool new piano learning device in Gizmag
    Google “gizmag pianomaestro”

  22. Mrmusicthing says:


  23. ufewl says:

    @LyndsMedia its confusing when you don’t understand it. Obviously if you already understand it you understand it.

  24. qaqa003 says:

    i watched from the beginning of the lesson, but i got lost when watching this oneD:

  25. eddywindmusic says:

    @LyndsMedia i know right?! 😀

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