Mad World Piano Tutorial

My first attempt at a piano tutorial, so sorry if I go over something too fast (or too slow :P). Enjoy, and comments are welcome! -6/20/08 EDIT- Jeez, 1000 views already! Thanks guys! -9/1/08 EDIT- Aaaaand it’s 10000. Sick. -10/21/08 EDIT- 20000! Woo! xD -1/26/09 EDIT- 50000 BAYBAYY!!! -5/6/09 EDIT- 100000 VIEWS! 😀

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25 Responses

  1. gleek314 says:

    Thanks man

  2. failsingaming says:

    I learned how to play this. Thank You, this was very helpful.

  3. Jonathanperez10 says:

    thanks to you i won my talent show! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. ItzJessicababy says:

    RIP Ben Breedlove <3

  5. yewrrmiimuse says:

    Gary Jules <3

  6. laralyth says:

    thanks a lot, now i’ve learned my first song!

  7. bellahayley88 says:

    do you need the piano tuned to play the song cuz mine is not

  8. korrie97 says:

    Nice tutorial!

  9. muh1h1 says:

    i realy like the tutorial, this is the first piano tutorial, that really helped me out ;)

  10. UltraMankiller says:

    @Tacticalnik gears of war is fucking gay

  11. Tigerboy5225 says:

    @StupidLamo That happens in litirally every mad world video I have seen.

  12. StupidLamo says:

    Good, but you need to do tutorial more clearly – it’s good when you push the key with one finger, and when this finger is over keys, because in some moments I can’t understand what finger you use and what key you pressed

  13. juniorracer1995 says:

    is the singing part really played????? cause when i listen to the song i cant hear it on the piano

  14. MrJB166 says:

    @DinosaurSuccess All around me are Familiar Faces, Worn Out Places, Worn out Faces… Not the other way around :L

  15. sophiepountney says:

    @MariahAlexander22333 write the notes down thenn??

  16. MrCrisby222 says:

    who came here just cuz this is a wonderful song and they wanted to be able to play it?

  17. strawberryteddy1 says:

    i learnt this song! its really easy

  18. DinosaurSuccess says:

    all around me are familiar faces
    worn out faces

  19. geffers01 says:

    thanks, great tutorial :))

  20. nickludwig5 says:

    @Tacticalnik you’re honestly so ignorant

  21. ihatestairs17 says:

    Great tutorial, it’s so much easier to understand than the other ones 😀

  22. cigar0007 says:

    @Lozmopresents Must just be you (: Great vid though, I can play this now thanks to this! Huzzah!

  23. Lozmopresents says:

    Anyone actually hear this before Gears of War or Donnie Darko..? Or is it just me..?

  24. Pyromaniac1801 says:

    @TheCodyLittlejohn you sir, are an asshole. hate to ruin your fun though, but i already figured that out from all of the other cunts that posted the exact same thing

  25. F3ARpointman says:

    Nice guide! Thanks, I finally learned this now!

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