How To Play “Moves Like Jagger” Piano Tutorial / Sheet Music (Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera)

My New YouTube Channel: Vote On The Next Tutorial: Moves Like Jagger Sheet Music: Follow me on Google+!: Join My Google Group!: My Music!: T-Shirt Link: My Website!: In thispiano tutorial I show you how to play Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. You can find my other tutorials by searching the name of the song you want to play + “Joe Raciti” or “jraciti1”. If you would like different piano lessons from the ones I have posted, leave a comment in the comment section or thumbs up an existing comment to let me know what songs you would like me to teach you. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to get to them but I will at least consider your recommendations. My free online lessons are made with love and don’t cost you a dime so please, let me know you appreciate what I do by leaving a comment, favoriting, sharing, and subscribing. Moves Like Jagger Lyrics: OH! Just shoot for the stars If it feels right Then aim for my heart If you feel like And take me away Make it OK I swear I’ll behave You wanted control So we waited I put on a show Now I make it You say I’m a kid My ego is big I don’t give as#it! *And it goes like this Take me by the tongue And I’ll know you Kiss me ’til you’re drunk And I’ll show you All the moves like Jagger I’ve got the moves like Jagger I’ve got the moves like Jagger I don’t need to try to control you Look into my eyes And I’ll own you with them Moves like Jagger I’ve got

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24 Responses

  1. MiniMaster34ever says:

    Please, a tutorial for Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay.

  2. MasterRocker374 says:

    Mickey mouse clubhouse

  3. MellowJelly says:

    @MaddGearProrider96 The colored boxes are just his logo. Not part of the keyboard. 😛

  4. MaddGearProrider96 says:

    what are the coloured boxes in the top corner for?im new to keyboards

  5. MsLaLaLand1999 says:

    @iHeartMelodies Yea I love that song! :)

  6. iHeartMelodies says:

    @MsLaLaLand1999 OH MY GOSH. Yes! I want him to do Misery by Maroon 5! :)

  7. theskate3show says:


  8. James10397 says:

    Disney Club woooooo ahahaa great tutorial

  9. eronariodito says:

    only two chords?? i will try to make it

  10. ROTZOY says:

    the voice ?

  11. toniz38 says:

    please make tutorial for sexy and i know it

  12. MsLaLaLand1999 says:

    Please make a tutorial for Misery by Maroon 5! Thanks!

  13. MandySama69 says:

    Burlesque ! =)

  14. fanfetti says:

    like if he has smexi hands 😛

  15. bobby09981 says:

    Lmao I like your beatboxing. Can you, If not already, Post how to play “Like em all” by Jacob Latimore? PLease, and thanks.

  16. AndrewFisher112 says:

    That’s A Very Nice Description You Have There
    You Will Know What I Mean If You Watch The Yogscast

  17. TESSROD2002 says:

    i know what christina started on , some thing like mikey mouse club house. she was a mouseketeer

  18. nirmanyu97 says:

    love the random intros

  19. CarlRogersDrumming says:


  20. TeddyDatsMe says:

    haha. ur intro was funny 😀

  21. Amiton3roks says:

    can u make a tutorial for this love by maroon 5? plz???

  22. Amiton3roks says:

    @SillyBeatle haha yeah totally!

  23. TheMysterypianoboy1 says:

    @Luke00126 sick means cool i think

  24. Luke00126 says:

    @TheMysterypianoboy1 GOOD audio!

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