14th Melody [Allen Walker]

Allen playing piano! From ep 93 of D.Gray-Man. I love this song! But can’t find anywhere to download it [with voice of course]. I look everywhere! Hope Japan will released the 3rd OST in this song will included! DISC : I don’t own D.Gray-Man neither the songs.

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25 Responses

  1. RadianceplusIggy says:

    Im in love with Allen Walker!! 3333

  2. killmiky says:

    @warlordson123 C should be his voice actor since she is a woman…

  3. killmiky says:

    @warlordson123 what lazer?

  4. idontcarejj says:

    I just fell in love with Allen’s voice~<3

  5. warlordson123 says:

    *fires lazer*

  6. warlordson123 says:

    LOL,forgot to say this,I think i heard HEADSHOT!!!AT 2:21.

  7. warlordson123 says:

    Allen:Who is singing in my head?
    A.The Earl
    B.The 14th
    C.Himself -.-

  8. HollowedCero says:

    im sorry play … you are just irresistible XD

  9. VocaloidCV021 says:

    The three who disliked are Noahs or probably… Akuma.

  10. marenfarroparamore says:

    Anybody know where to find episode 52 of the anime? Unless they don’t have those…

  11. cutie235100 says:


  12. vvarb3ast says:

    @phantomlovebs every. japanese. can sing.

  13. DeidaraTheHotty says:

    @kkasiaa27 Remember the last time you could shut up… really not being mean just saying…

  14. RedXOO5 says:

    I love it!

  15. PwNdPiE says:

    @MrMuseFan94 Well, chapter 210 is out and it has 33 pages. And I like Hoshino-sensei’s art. I hope that she is quitting the 16-pages-per-chapter thing. I hate waiting for a new chapter every month and getting only 16 pages that always end with a cliffhanger…

  16. phantomlovebs says:

    I didn’t know Allen-kun could sing so well!

  17. chrono769 says:

    0.0 allen sang omg he sounds so awsome X3

  18. daphnexiu says:

    how touching the song is
    allen walker i love him so much dipper in my heart^^

  19. daphnexiu says:

    i like it song^^
    so touching^^XPP

  20. JacopBravo says:

    And then the boy falls asleep.
    The flame inside the breathing ashes. One. then two
    The floating swelling, the dear profile.
    Thousands of dreams, dreams, that pour onto the earth.
    On the night when the silver eyes swing. The shining you. who was born.
    Millions of years.
    No matter how many Millions of years. return the prayers to Earth.
    I continue praying.Love for the last.
    Kiss for the joined hands.

  21. xXDarkAngelNinjaXx says:

    I love Allen Walker! This scene is so sad and beautiful at the same time :’D D.Gray-Man is most certainly one of the best animes out there!

  22. KaidaStrife says:

    @AllenamiGakupo I think they’re working on season 3, they’re just taking a really long break

  23. KaidaStrife says:

    @MrMuseFan94 I think they’re working on season 3. They’re just taking a long break cause the author of D.Gray-Man is hiatus and the anime and manga are extremely alike. I believe season 3 will come out in a year or two, but that’s just what I think

  24. MrMuseFan94 says:

    @AllenamiGakupo Oh I know the manga’s still going, it’s in Jump SQ 😛 We’re up to 209 although Hoshino-sensei only gave us a mere 16 pages this month…

    The art’s gotten sloppy so people have stopped reading, it’s a shame, the anime is so good! Hoshino needs to get more pages out per month so that we can get through the arc and more eps can be put out!

  25. iPolloO says:

    sdhddg I LOVE WHEN HE SINGS!

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